The Art of Life

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Sabin Howard's Classical Figurative Sculpture

The Art of Life

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Praise for The Art of LifePhoto-essay about Figurative Sculpture through the Ages

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Norm Goldman

With Sabin Howard's and Traci L. Slatton's The Art of Life you are in the possession of a beautiful collection of personal essays and visually stunning content that renders to its readers a vivid glimpse into the world of sculpture and in particular the work of a young American classical figurative sculptor, Sabin Howard

Atelia Mends

Deborah Mends

...This rich, intelligent study interweaving the history of classical sculpture and Howard's own personal process finishes by leading the reader to understand the transformative power of art as a whole, through the eyes of one of its talented makers…

American Arts Quarterly

Jim Cooper

The Art of Life is an important book… Traci is a historian, a graduate of Columbia and Yale, and has written several novels while covering cultural issues for The Huffington Post

The Examiner

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Also included are images of Howard's magnificent work, who after years of training with the most prestigious teachers in New York and Italy, has succeeded in emulating these masters to their perfection as exemplified by his sculptures of Hermes, Apollo and Aphrodite. These are remarkable and breathtaking, showcasing lights and shadows. This is one art book that will keep you enthralled for hours…


Sabin Howard sculptures are classical figures that feel thoroughly modern while recalling the mastery of the Renaissance and ancient Greece.


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